Return Goods Policy

Effective January 1, 2013
Global Nutraceuticals, Inc. (“GN”) is committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Subject to the conditions set forth in this policy (unless otherwise required by law), GN will accept returns of its products. GN will issue a credit or replacement product for all eligible returns as appropriate, in its sole discretion. Should you need to return goods, please request a Return Authorization from GN directly by calling customer service at
866-793-9933 or via email: for a Return Authorization number (“RA”).
Pre-approval and an RA are required for the return of all products. All return goods request must contain the following information:
• Customer name, street address, telephone and fax numbers.
• Contact name and email.
• Product name, description, lot number, expiration date and quantity returned.
• Debit memo, PO or reference number.
• Proof of purchase (purchase order and/or GN invoice number).
• Reason for return.
If approved, an RA form will be provided via fax or email. A copy of the RA form must accompany all returns. Please mark the outside of all boxes with the RA number for easy recognition. If a return shipment has multiple boxes, photocopy the RA and place one in each box.
All returns are to be forwarded to the GN return processing facility at the following location:
161 East Main Street (Rt. 53), Denville, New Jersey 07834
All eligible returns shipped to GN shall be shipped in a safe, secure, and reliable manner, and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and statutes. It is the customer’s or shipper’s responsibility to securely package all return goods to prevent breakage during transit and otherwise comply with laws and regulations applicable to the packaging, shipping, and transport of return goods shipments. GN’s acceptance of damaged, broken, wet, and/or leaking shipping containers damaged before or during shipment shall in no way obligate GN to reimburse the customer for the returned goods.
GN is not responsible for shipments lost in transit. GN recommends that all customers insure return goods shipments and maintain records of each shipment.
• Concealed damage claims made within five (5) days of receipt.
• Products that have been damaged in transit with a signed bill of lading noting the damage and where GN has been notified within five (5) business days from the date of receipt and the product is returned within thirty (30) days from the RA date.
• Products shipped in error on the part of GN, provided GN Customer Service is notified of the error within five (5) business days of receipt.
• Products returned without an RA form.
• Product with less than six (6) months remaining shelf life, unless the short dated product has been shipped by GN in error, or authorization from GN is obtained during the RA request.
• Expired product.
• Partial products or open packages.
• Private Label products or repacked goods.
• Products with missing label or packaging (unless error on the part of GN) or with missing lot number and expiration date or products marked, coded or adulterated in any way.
• Products sold as free goods or products provided at no charge for promotional incentives, samples or short-dated products sold as such.
• Products sold on a non-returnable basis, marked non-returnable, professional sample, professional package, free goods or with similar markings or special label.
• Products damaged due to insurable causes such as fire or natural disasters, or if damaged/deteriorated due to improper handling or storage by the customer.
• Products involved in distressed, sacrifice, fire or bankruptcy sale.
• Returns made after thirty (30) days from the date of the RA.
• Overstock, unless agreed by GN in writing.
• Products not purchased directly from GN.
• Products purchased or distributed contrary to federal, state or local laws.
• Product sold to any City, County, State and/or Federal entity for the purpose of stock piling directly by GN or through an authorized distributor of record.
Note: Products not eligible for return and credit can be sent to GN for disposal and destruction; however, no credit or other reimbursement will be issued for such product unless state or local law requires otherwise. Additionally, the processing of non-returnable product or non-approved customer returns shipped without an RA may subject customers to processing fees.
• Transportation charges on all returned goods are the responsibility of the customer except when due to a GN error, as determined by GN and authorized pursuant to a valid RA.
• Returns cannot be sent via USPS. All shipments must be traceable in the event a package is lost in transit.
• All third party return processors must contact GN for a RA. Please request a RA from GN directly 866-793-9933 or via email: for a RA.
• Third party processors must comply with all requirements of this GN Return Goods Policy.
• GN will not pay or reimburse any service fees to the customer or third party return processor, i.e. handling, processing, or freight charges incurred, etc. All returns must be shipped directly to GN for auditing and destruction.
• A valid RA number must accompany all returns for proper credit.
• RA numbers are valid for up to thirty (30) days from issuance. Expired RA numbers will be considered invalid and no credit will be issued.
• All products must be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt of RA by customer to receive credit. Products that have been destroyed by customers or agents of customers without prior approval from GN will not receive credit.
• Product must be in original, sealed, full, unopened, unmarked, unadulterated GN container to receive full credit. Partial products are not allowed, except where otherwise required by law and subject to restocking fees.
• Only products purchased directly from GN may be returned. All products purchased on a direct basis must be returned directly to GN. Products purchased indirectly must be returned to the authorized wholesalers or distributors through which the original purchase was made.
• Reimbursement price will be based on the lower of the original net purchase or contract price and the current net purchase or contract price at the time of return processing.
• Product must be returned by the customer who purchased the product from GN. Credit will be issued to direct accounts only.
• Returned products will be verified by GN and the final credit will be calculated based upon that count.
• GN shall not accept returns or issue credits with respect to customer returns made through a distributor or wholesaler.
• Customers are prohibited from deducting based on debit memo amounts without the prior approval of such transaction from GN. Debit memo amounts are often estimated and not formally considered valid by GN until final approvals have been secured and therefore should not be deducted from future payments to GN.
• All returns are subject to review by GN. Issuance of an RA number does not guarantee credit. Credit issuance is dependent on confirmed receipt/review of returned goods. Unauthorized returned goods will be destroyed and credit will not be issued.
• GN will not reimburse fees due to processing third party returns, destruction charges, and shipping costs or processing.
• Products returned without the authorization form will be destroyed without credit.
• Credit will be issued in the form of a credit memo only. GN will not accept deductions from invoices from returns. Please do not make any deductions from remittances in anticipation of credit.
• Return goods credit must be taken within one year of date of issue or credit will be void.
• Proof of return is the customer’s responsibility.
• GN reserves the right to verify all returns to make certain that they conform to this Return Goods Policy.
• GN reserves the right to promptly destroy any returned product whether or not eligible for credit or exchange. Returns that do not qualify for credit or reimbursement will be destroyed.
• GN requires proof of purchase for all products returned for credit or exchange.
• GN does not pay or reimburse fees incurred for the processing of, or destruction of, products processed through a third-party returns processing company.
This Return Goods Policy supersedes all previous return policies set in place prior to January 1, 2013. Global Nutraceuticals reserves the right to change this Return Goods Policy at any time and without prior notice.