for men & women


  • Formulated specially for Men
  • Enhanced with liver & prostate support
  • Formulated specially for Women
  • Includes our exclusive AgeDefy26 formula
  • Complete Daily Nutrition
  • Packaged in convenient AM & PM packets



In an effort to create the best mens and womens daily supplement, the founder of Global Nutraceuticals interviewed hundreds of Doctors practicing integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine and nutrition as well as thousands of their patients. We asked the questions and we heard their answers loud and clear. The physicians wanted a superior product that was specific to each gender and would include a full spectrum of supplements at a pharmaceutical grade and quality including ingredients that they felt were essential for good health and longevity. Many of the supplements included in Global Nutraceuticals reflect on common factors found in the diets of cultures with high numbers of centurions (individuals over 100 years old). The patients concerns were cost and convenience, specifically high cost and too many pills and bottles. After much work and formulation, Global Nutraceuticals accomplished what no other company has. It created a superior quality super supplement that exceeds the experts and physicians greatest expectations at an affordable price in convenient AM and PM Mens and Womens packets thus eliminating over crowded vitamin cabinets and increasing patient compliance at a price over ten times less than buying these supplements separately. Only $99.00 plus shipping and handling.